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Authenticity. Over. Everything.



We are a rebellion of filmmakers on a mission.

A mission to revolutionise the video content market. With a firm eye on the future we have developed a strong focus on and speciality for series, documentaries and films for video-on-demand platforms.

We love to creatively develop these projects from scratch because we believe in one simple rule:

If you're authentic, you'll have no competition.


It is this creed that we live by at Lusus Media. Strongly rooted in the world of elite sports and with a major passion for topics such as durability, sustainability and crime we love to connect our passion for these topics to filmmaking at the highest standard and an unrivalled level of access. 

And in doing so we ensure that we touch the hearts of enthusiasts and viewers in creative ways, connecting them to their heroes and fuelling their love for their causes with dynamic content such as; series, documentaries and films.

This mission amongst others resulted in Lusus Media creating
the first ever European Disney+ Original:


Dat Ene Woord - Feyenoord.
Disney+ Star Original.



We don't like to overcomplicate things. You need us?


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Chief Operational Officer


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Head of Production


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Chief Executive Officer


Matthijs van Camerijk


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